17.06.2006. log99b02- Dum spiro, spero
Traditional folder updated and archived
08.06.2006. log101b07- Desert and Sand
2 files archived- folder Characters
25.04.2006. log99b42- 3d-io ai has emerged
3d-io, the synthetic programmable heavy-water control system has emerged from the yearlong apathy. we hope its data could throw some light on many obscured exodus details. let us debug it.
10.04.2006. log99a22- She will come to ease your pain
2 files archived- folder - Exodus
01.04.2006. log98b01- Greetings from 44 49'-20 28'
Folder - Exodus
23.02.2006. log94a00- file added
File archived. Folder - characters.
10.11.2005. www.violentia.com!
after many years of struggling, the local authorities have finally granted me a limited permission to present the content which i have (during countless nights and over many miles) dilligently collected, documented and finally archived. or should i say : almost finally archived. this work seems to me now as though it has no closing at all. at least not in the nearest future.